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Welcome to Saenger Associates. We are a corporate retained executive search firm. We are globally connected and locally committed with offices in more than 6 continents,35 countries and 80 cities through our membership in IRC Global Executive Search Partners Worldwide.

But what does thismean, exactly? It means that there is so much more to a job search than previous work experience, education, and salary requirements. It means that we exceed expectations by getting to know on a personal and professional basis the companies who retain us. It also means that we get to know our qualified candidates on a personal and professional basis the companies who retain us and qualified candidates, so that when the time comes to bring the two together, all parties are confident that not only is the job being filled, but the overall environment of culture and strategic direction is one that all players feel secure. The ultimate success of a placement is not a short-term fix but a long-term strategy for the future of the company as well as the candidate. The parameters of a search might require local talent, but more often that not, we keep searchingglobally until we find just the right fit.

IRC Global Executive Search Partners is a global professional alliance of retained executive search firms united in their commitment to providing the highest possible standards in management recruitment services. Comprised of owner operated firms, our members have a personal stake in the outcome of each and every assignment, local and global, maintaining strict standards, processes and systematic business practices to ensure the same quality of search services are delivered seamlessly worldwide.

The purpose of IRC Global Executive Search Partners is to harmonize recruitment processes internationally in order to provide unsurpassed quality management in search and selection activities. With offices in more than 80 cities, our professionals bring a collective expertise spanning every conceivable industry and discipline.

IRC Global Executive Search Partners' alliance embodies the best of both worlds - being globally connected and locally committed. We invite you to inquire as to how to put it to work for you on your critical hiring assignments.

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