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Malaysia - A Magnet for Foreign Investments

Raj Kumar Paramanathan, IRC Malaysia & Thailand | 06.08.2017

InvestKL Corporation was established under the initiative of Malaysia's Economic Transformation Program (ETP) in 2011 and aims to attract, facilitate and service large Multinational investments into Greater Kuala Lumpur. Understanding that the pioneer leadership team is crucial to the success of any new investments, IRC Malaysia partnered with InvestKL in supporting their aims, by providing insights in the area of recruitment and retention of talents in these sectors.

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The Evolution of Aged Care in Australia

Malcom Duncan, IRC Australia | 23.06.2017

A journey to a sustainable, consumer driven and market based aged care system in Australia.

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Building Digital Culture in Industrial and Manufacturing Sector

Michael Kantel, IRC Germany | 25.04.2017

Behind the scenes of the world’s leading industrial and manufacturing companies, a profound digital transformation is now underway.

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Aston Martin – Driving A Cultural Change

Richard Boot OBE DL, Graham Smith, Ian Squires | 07.03.2017

Aston Martin is one of the most iconic brands in the automotive world and it is now on a journey unlike any it has ever made – from being solely a producer of glamorous and very high-end motor cars to becoming a luxury company with a lifestyle product range. In this interview, Aston Martin’s boss describes the strategic and cultural shifts he is engineering in what he calls ‘the never-ending pursuit of excellence.’

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Maximising Human Potential: an Organisation’s Dilemma.

Rohan Carr, IRC Australia | 30.01.2017

At the last IRC Global Conference, Mr Jan Muehlfeit, former Chairman Europe of Microsoft Corporation, discussed the challenges faced by organisations in maximising human potential. These challenges stand in the way of unlocking true people capability. Such capability is vital as organisations are increasingly seeking to be innovative and smarter in the way they do things.

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From Olympic Gold - to Setting the Gold Standard in Children’s Programs!

Sylvia MacArthur, IRC Canada | 29.12.2016

How a record breaking athlete applied his skills to building a global NGO.

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What’s holding you back from the C-suite?

Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, IRC South Africa | 23.11.2016

Despite the fact that there is a huge demand for top leaders in South Africa who boast the ‘full package’, the pool of suitably qualified and experienced C-suite executives is relatively small, not least because the leadership skills-set of the future is more expansive than ever, a leadership expert says.

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Winning Hearts and Minds: A Universal Approach to Leadership

Niamh O'Driscoll | 22.10.2016

Ireland's Life Sciences sector has grown from humble beginnings in the 1960s to global significance. The small island with a population of 4.5m has attracted nine out of the top 10 global pharmaceutical corporations. Ireland is today the world’s eighth-largest producer and fifth-largest exporter of pharmaceutical products.

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Leadership and the changing world of work

Rohan Carr, IRC Australia | 30.09.2016

“Up to 40% of current Australian jobs could disappear within the next 15 to 20 years as robots and computers continue their unstoppable advance.” This headline (ABC, 4 July 2016) does not herald anything new, but rather serves to highlight the changing nature of work. Some change is obvious, some is more subtle and technology is not the only driver of this change.

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Unlikely Leaders

Malcolm Duncan, IRC Australia | 03.08.2016

Some insights on leadership from global champion, Cathy Burke - Global Leader of Partnerships with The Hunger Project and Author of 'Unlikely Leaders'.

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