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How to hire effectively in a foreign country

Steven B. McKinney, IRC South Korea | 13.12.2019

Multinational companies who want to succeed need to hire staff effectively in foreign countries. You can’t force someone to join your company. And even if you can, you can’t force someone to be fully engaged and enjoy the work.

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Saenger Associates on the Road: Athens, Greece

Gary Saenger | 23.10.2019

Our annual global IRC Global Executive Search Partner Conference for 2019 year was held in Athens, Greece, in early October. It was an honor for me to represent Saenger Associates - IRC USA and be invited to speak to the assembly of nearly 100 of our IRC colleagues from around the world.

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A Rugged Search Challenge

Gary Saenger | 23.10.2019

Among our most interesting, challenging and rewarding placements was a new General Manager for the U.S. division of an Israeli global aerospace & defense company, a leading manufacturer and supplier of rugged computer systems optimized for harsh environments ─ like space.

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Courage to break Japan’s glass ceiling

Monicca Yan | 14.10.2019

Notwithstanding substantial gains made in the West over the past several decades to level the playing field and bring about greater equality between men and women, pay gaps persist, and in many countries, corporate leadership remains heavily dominated by men.

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What makes a successful leader

Richard Boot, IRC UK | 04.09.2019

Having spent many years at KPMG as a partner and finally as Head of Corporate Finance, Midlands, Richard Boot currently chairs and holds directorship of various companies associated with staffing and recruitment. He is also a former board member of IRC Global Executive Search Partners.

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IRC primes leaders for the future

| 22.07.2019

IRC Global Executive Search Partners convened affiliates and business partners at three regional summits covering Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the Americas in early 2019 to spark an intercontinental discussion about leadership and organizational preparedness in an era characterized by accelerating technological change and disruption.

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The future of the australian wool industry

Malcolm Duncan, IRC Australia | 27.06.2019

Malcolm Duncan, global leader of IRC’s NGO & Not For Profit practice group, sat down with Stuart McCullough, Chief Executive Officer of Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI), to discuss the transformation occurring the wool industry supply chain.

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How can social media help monitor and predict dangerous consumption behaviours

Pía Puebla Menne, IRC Chile | 13.06.2019

Substance abuse has long been a public health problem worldwide. Chile is no exception: according to the last SENDA survey (National Drug & Alcohol Prevention Agency) from December 2017 (the survey is conducted every 2 years), in the last 6 years marijuana consumption has increased from 4.6% in 2010 to 14.5% in 2016, showing a 215% increase in prevalence, particularly among young adults - 19 to 34 years of age for both genders.

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Encouraging business enterprises to become social enterprises

Michael Kantel, IRC Germany | 04.06.2019

As people in today’s world have less trust in their political and social institutions, many expect business leaders to fill this gap.

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How to empower future-ready leadership

Raj Kumar Paramanathan, Steven B. McKinney | 08.05.2019

Recently, IRC Global Executive Search Partners convened a summit in Gurgaon bringing together senior executives from leading organizations of the Asia Pacific region to explore what organizations and leaders can do to prepare their companies for the future. Many of the themes that emerged are timeless; others are specific to the modern age and the opportunities and challenges of the digital era.

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