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Assistant Controller Placement

Gary Saenger | April 18, 2018

We are pleased to provide you highlights of a recently completed search.

This was a new client company, one who we had developed through a successful past working relationship with their current HR director. She had transitioned to a new company and when she needed executive recruiting she called on us once again.

We were tasked with finding them an Assistant Controller for their rapidly growing technology solutions company with over $250M in revenue. This position reported directly to the Vice President and was offering a compensation package in low $200s.

The Assistant Controller, needed to be someone with experience in the Aerospace and Defense Environment who had successfully worked with operations to improve performance, margins, and costs.

After reviewing hundreds of resumes and vetting several candidates, we developed two great candidates. Each had solid experience and qualities that the client was looking for. Our client interviewed one candidate, asked him to return for a second interview and within days, had offered him the position. Sometimes when you find what you are looking for, you stop looking. We filled the search within 62 days.