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Virtual Fast-Tracked 30-Day Retained Executive Search

Gary Saenger | April 13, 2020

Learn about Saenger Associates NEW Virtual Fast-Tracked 30-Day Retained Executive Search

Responding to client needs for fast action as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the nation, the retained executive search experts at Saenger Associates have created a special programa for clients with an immediate need to fill an executive or senior management position.

The new “Virtual Fast-Tracked 30 Day Retained Executive Search – Offer” plan – focused on the Aerospace & Defense and the Industrial Products industries – puts Saenger Associates’ proven search strategies on steroids.

“Through tripled communication with our clients, all of it virtually, a few noted the urgency to speed up searches, and refine the process of handling virtual interviews, virtual presentations, virtual discussions and virtual feedback,” said company founder/President Gary Saenger, a corporate HR and business veteran who founded Saenger Associates in the Los Angeles area in 1999.

“Time and Fit are the pain points our clients have asked us to relieve so we understand the need for speed matched with quality. In addition, we offer the most thorough personalized search for the best fit on each and every search with reach to 90 cities in 45 countries as a key member of IRC Global Executive Search Partners, where we have been a proud member for 10 years, he said.

How Virtual Fast-Tracked Retained Executive Search Works

“Our time target for offer acceptance is usually 70 days, but for our Virtual Fast-Tracked clients, we cut it to 30,” Saenger said. “We do this by 3X on research and recruiters as well as on the daily communication between all the stakeholders via phone, email and video conferencing.

“The only corner we cut for the Virtual Fast-Tracked 30 Day program is time,” he said. “Of course, the 30-day timeframe is contingent on our client and candidates keeping up, and “showing up” with the expedited priority schedule.”

The timeline looks like this:

Days 1, 2 – The Saenger Associates team drafts “the pitch” on the company’s value (reason for being in business, its history, financials, culture and unique appeal for employees to work and prosper) and on the position that needs to be filled (title, scope of duties and responsibilities, reporting structure, MUSTS and accountabilities).

The quantitative and qualitative musts (such as compensation and geographic location) are also determined and factored into the search.

Then Saenger Associates’ designated lead consultants on the search conduct a video launch call with the client to finalize that information.

Day 3 -4 – Conference call to calibrate three candidates or more, found by searching the Saenger Associates’ databases and other outside sources.

Days 5-10 – Saenger Associates vet candidates’ resumes and references, develops a short list and set a conference call with the client.

Days 11-16 – The client conducts virtual interviews with the vetted candidates.

Day 19- 24 – The client selects two or three candidate finalists to begin the final phase of the Virtual Fast-Tracked process. For finalists with a contingent verbal offer, Saenger Associates finalizes vetting of background, references, credit, academic degrees and professional associations, and, when required, drug-test results.

Day 25 – The client extends a verbal offer to the chosen final candidate.

Day 26-28 – The candidate weighs the offer, negotiates, and makes a decision.

Days 29-30 – The candidate accepts the offer, the start date is determined, and logistics and contingencies are completed.

This is the formula – no search hardly ever goes per the script! We will adapt, communicate, and communicate, and result two winners – the mantra of my founding the firm – The Client and The Final Candidate!

“In the past, I provided financial incentives to Saenger team members for each search for a job offer acceptance at 70 days and resultant placement,” Saenger said. “This Fast-Tracked program moves that scoreboard to 30.”

Virtual Fast-Tracked Search Program Fee and Premium Waiver

Saenger Associates’ usual retained executive search fee is 30% of the position’s first-year cash compensation (including base salary, target annual performance bonus, commission and possible sign-on).

The Virtual Fast-Tracked program normally carries a 25% premium which we will waive subject to “fill-ability” of the role.

Nation at War with an Invisible Enemy

“We’re doing this because our nation is at war with an invisible enemy, and our lives, the economy and everything else is at stake,” Saenger said. “No matter what our business is, we all have to step up and contribute.

“We all know colleagues, clients and candidates who are going through very tough times right now, and we’re committed to do our very best to be there for them, both personally and professionally,” he said.

“At the same time, we all face this huge challenge, we’re also presented with opportunities to reinvent and improve the way we do business,” he said.

“At Saenger Associates, in advance of government directives, we moved our colleagues out of the office several weeks ago and transitioned to working virtually from home offices,” he said. “Our virtual approach has protected our team our candidates and our clients where we did our small part to flatten the curve on the spread of the virus.

“We’ve doubled-up our staff meetings and progress meetings with clients and candidates to make sure we’re performing as well if not better in these most trying times than before. And will continue until the virus is stopped.

“We, too, are making the Great Adaptation, as active participants in this battle against a deadly virus, and this quantum shift in how we live, work and play,” Saenger said.

“We’re caring for our physical health and minding our mental health. We’ll never give up,” he said. “But we’re also working hard to care for our clients’ immediate needs and on keeping our business healthy so we’re all ready for the post-pandemic Big Rebound ahead.”

For more info, or to initiate a Virtual Fast-Tracked 30 Day Retained Executive Search, contact Saenger at gsaenger@saengerassociates.com. “Or call me anytime – my cell is 805-573-6255,” said. “Wherever I am, I’m always in the office.”